Ural State Pedagogical University


Welcome to Ural State Pedagogical University, the oldest and largest of the universities of the Ural region. Founded in 1930, our University has been fulfilling the mission of education for almost 90 years, because our students are schoolteachers, kindergarten teachers, teachers of secondary special and higher educational institutions, teachers of additional education after graduation. Graduates of USPU live and work in accordance with the motto of the University: "To teach and to learn!" at any stage of life, at any level of education.

USPU trains teachers following Federal state educational standards. USPU graduates teach at the highest level of these subjects: Russian language and literature, STEM, chemistry, biology, geography, foreign languages, history and social studies, music, art and physical education. Our psychologists, pathologists and special psychologists are famous far beyond the region. Many graduates then go to basic science or occupy high positions in the management of education. They reveal the ability to lead research work during the study, because the entire educational process and extracurricular activities are aimed at the formation of leadership qualities of students, to foster responsibility, courage, creative spirit, caring attitude to their work, which are so necessary for a modern specialist.

Ural State Pedagogical University is open for those who want to become a teacher and confident in their future vocation. We invite everyone who loves this profession and wants to call it his own, but for some reason doubts whether it will be enough for the necessary qualities. Our teaching staff will help such applicants to understand that ready teachers are rarely born, they go to this profession gradually and systematically, step by step. To enter USPU means to choose one of the most necessary professions and, following the path of self‑improvement, to become over time one of those teachers who are loved and remembered.

USPU through our Namibian student eyes