Publisher’s policy

In its practical activity, the Publisher of the Ural State Pedagogical University (hereinafter referred to as the Publisher) acts in keeping with the normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, the COPE Guidelines and the Declaration «Ethical Principles of Scientific Publications» adopted at the general meeting of the Russian Association of Science Editors and Publishers (RASEP) at the 5th International Scientific and Practical Conference «World‑Class Scientific Publication — 2016: Publishing Ethics, Peer‑Review and Content Preparation», held May 17–20, 2016 in the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow (see the full text of the Declaration).

The Publisher bears responsibility for compliance with all modern requirements to published works.

The Publisher’s policy is aimed at attracting the widest possible range of researchers and science and education centers in Russia and abroad to cooperation.

1. Goal and tasks

  • The Publisher’s goal is to present to a broad community works reflecting the outcomes of scientific and educational activity of the University faculty and the scientific‑educational organizations of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad.
    The tasks of the Publisher include the following:
    to provide the opportunity to Russian and foreign scholars to publish the results of their academic research;
    to form open scholarly discussion aimed to improve the quality of scholarly research and reveal the scientific potential for implementation of progressive research achievements;
    to attract attention to the most urgent and interesting research projects;
    to provide the opportunity to carry out dialogue and exchange of knowledge between the leading scholars and practical specialists.
  • The Publisher strives to maintain high ethical standards in relation to materials published.

2. Ethics Code for the Publisher

The Publisher’s activity is based on the ethical principles worked out by the Committee on Publication Ethics — COPE.

2.1. Decision about the publication:

  • the editors evaluate the manuscripts submitted for publication from the point of view of reliability of their materials and correspondence to the Publisher’s requirements to article formatting and content;
  • if the article fails to meet the content and formatting requirements of the journal, the author is sent a list of the issues that need improvement.

2.2. The editor evaluates the manuscripts objectively irrespective of the race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, citizenship or political leanings of the author(s).

2.3. Copyright and Conflict of interest:

  • the unpublished data presented in the manuscripts submitted to the Publisher cannot be used in personal research without the written permission of the author. The information or ideas obtained during the work with the manuscript should be confidential and cannot be used for personal gain;
  • in case there is a conflict of interest with the author(s), the Editor‑in‑Chief should inform the Publisher about it in due time.

2.4. Publication requirements:

  • The relationships between the staff of the Publisher, editors, authors and other participants of the publication process are based on strict observance of the Publisher’s ethics code.
  • Manuscripts and accompanying documents that do not meet the requirements of the Publisher are rejected and returned to the author.
  • To ensure a high quality of the materials published and to protect the authorship, all manuscripts submitted for publication undergo originality test via «Antiplagiat» system or similar plagiarism checker tools.
  • Editing of the manuscripts is done in compliance with the requirements to scientific literature publication and with the author’s permission.
  • By sending materials to the Publisher, the authors agree to their editing by the Publisher and their open access publication in the Publisher’s electronic library and at the scientific electronic library platform (RSCI), as well as the transfer of the text of the manuscript to persons and organizations to whom the provision of this information is mandatory, or to other persons in accordance with the terms of the Copyright Agreement and Consent.
  • The authors are responsible for the factual materials provided in the text of the manuscript.
  • The authors are requested to send their manuscripts to the publisher’s e‑mail address. Manuscripts in paper form, recorded on electronic media or received in the form of mail are not accepted for consideration.
  • In agreement with the author, the Publisher may shorten or introduce changes in the manuscript.

3. Open access policy

  • The articles are published (with authors’ permission) open access, which ensures availability of research outcomes to a broad scholarly community.
  • The publications are sent to the Russian Book Chamber and placed at the scientific electronic library platform (RSCI).