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Ural State Pedagogical University

To teach and learn!


prosp. Kosmonavtov, 26, Yekaterinburg, 620017
Tel. +7 (343) 336-14-00
Fax. +7 (343) 336-12-42


“Founded in 1930 as educational institute of regional importance, the USPU is known today as a dynamically developing large scientific and cultural center of pedagogical education in the Russian Federation. The University offers educational services ranging from pre-university preparation to postgraduate education, scientific and pedagogical personnel training, and performing high-level scientific research.

The line of the USPU’s activities makes it one of the top ten of the best pedagogical universities in the Russian Federation. Providing high quality educational services, the USPU creates necessary conditions for formation of cultural, educated, and active graduates, their successful completion of education with a view of finding confidence in the constantly changing world, and making a contented life, based on effective realization of gained professional and social competences”.

Alevtina SIMONOVA,
Doctor of education, professor, rector of the USPU.

More than 15 thousand students are trained at the departments of the University. There are more than 70 specializations and 63 specialties and directions of higher education (specialist, bachelor, and master). The University incorporates 11 institutes, 14 academic and 76 scientific chairs, and 6 research centers. The University’s faculties and departments are at the disposal of 20 doctoral students, more than 300 post-graduates, and 250 candidates for academic degrees.

The University offers 46 scientific specialities of the postgraduate education and 4 specialities of the doctoral education. The University includes 7 Thesis Committees for taking Doctor Degrees and candidacy for degrees in Pedagogy or Philology.

Annually, over 100 dissertations are passed at the Thesis Committees of the University.


The University employs more than 100 professors and Doctors of Science, about 500 Candidates of Science and associate professors, many of them are honored workers of science, culture, art, and physical training, merited sport trainers and masters of sports of the Russian Federation and the USSR, merited teachers of high school of the Russian Federation, etc.

The University’s nationwide leading scientists head more than 15 scientific schools in psychology, pedagogy, humanities, physics, mathematics, and natural sciences.

More than 50 leading scientists of the University are full members or associate members of home and international Academies.

The scientific library of the University numbers more than 800 thousand books.

Each year, the University holds about 30 science and research conferences of international, republican, and regional scale.


Annually, the University enjoys over 50 nominal grant-aided students of the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Governor of Sverdlovsk oblast, and the Academic Council of the USPU.

The University’s 4 public organizations, which are accorded with recognition in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk oblast, protect the rights of the workers and students of the University.

The University actively develops student summer work brigade movement. The staff of the 24 student groups of the USPU is one of the best among the universities of Yekaterinburg.


The University has 4 educational buildings, 4 hostels, and a sports center, equipped with modern facilities.

Annually, more than 200 students of the USPU are granted awards, diplomas, and rewards for participation in Olympiads and contests of various levels.

The publications of the results of the students’ scientific and research work, compiled in collections, average 300 a year.

Independent experts note the tendency of quality improvement of student research work in the USPU that allows them to participate successfully in competitions at regional and nationwide level.

2015 is the year of the 85-thanniversary of the Ural State Pedagogical University!


“The University’s anniversary is a special day. Five years ago, on the eve of the 80-thanniversary, everyone looked back and called to mind the achievements, the glorious people and their record, and the history of the Ural State Pedagogical University...”, this was the message addressed the teachers and students of the Ural State Pedagogical University. Today the University is 85!

The first days of the University are now in the mists of time: the Ural Industrial Pedagogical Institute — the Ural Pedagogical Institute — the Sverdlovsk State Pedagogical Institute — the Ural State Pedagogical Institute — the Ural State Pedagogical University. Time flies, laws change, values transform, one epoch succeeds another, the technological progress advances at great rates, leaders of this country, regions, and Universities are changed. Everything changes, but true values remain. They are passed from generation to generation, from teachers to students, introducing best, kind, and eternal. Old traditions proceed while new ones appear.

What were these 85 years like?

All these years, the University, the city of Yekaterinburg, and this country were sharing the same troubles and hardships, minutes of pleasure and sorrow; were struggling against lawlessness and terror. Together did they hate and love, draw the Great Victory in the World War II near, work selflessly and hope against hope, mourn the killed in 1941-1945,the 1980s and 1990s, trust in victory, raise confidence and self-reliance, and take pride in this people, the citizens and friends, teachers and students. They hoped, won, created, gave and received knowledge. This is our history. This varied way of the 85 years has just begun...


Today the USPU is the prime pedagogical University of the Ural Federal District. In the context of its performance, the USPU is one of the leading pedagogical universities in the Russian Federation.

For 85 years, the University has trained more than 70 thousand teachers, including merited teachers of Russia and honored workers of art, science, and culture; academicians and doctors, founders of scientific schools and movements; holders of domestic and international awards, authors of popular books and textbooks, merited masters of sports, Olympic champions, and struggling, happy, and successful mature personalities. Thousands of the USPU’s graduates received academic awards and medals. Ninety per cent of the graduates work as teachers in the Sverdlovsk oblast and the Ural region. Hundreds of them have gone to different parts of the world, taking along the first lessons, victories, rises and falls, which they had experienced in their Alma Mater, the USPU, the Ural State Pedagogical Institute — the Sverdlovsk State Pedagogical Institute — the Ural Pedagogical Institute.


The many generations of students, teachers, tutors, and instructors are the main wealth and pride of the University. It has been this way and will always be!

Today, it is impossible to overstress the importance of the invaluable, immense and glorious record of the University’s 85-yearactivity!

A pedagogical University is the unique place where teachers and students meet one another and go together side by side through the years. This is a mutual process of giving and receiving knowledge by teachers and learners. This circle goes round and round!

The motto of the USPU is “To teach and learn!”